Main and Crawford Auto Repair is a great neighborhood mechanic – they have been taking care of our cars for years now. We get personal and HONEST service! Even our older cars are running in tip-top shape thanks to Avner and his crew. I never feel like there are other things “wrong” that they just go ahead and “fix” like some other mechanics do – when I bring a car in, they find the problem and deal with it, and if there is something else, they check with me about how I want it dealt with.

It is no wonder they have won Skokie Business of the Year award.

Yona Posner

I have been a customer of Main and Crawford for over 6 years. They take care of both of our cars and several company cars I own for my business. Their work, integrity and caring nature is unmatched anywhere I have ever seen. More important than anything they give us great piece of mind and will always stand behind the quality of their work. I cannot say enought great things about this auto repair shop and the owners are top notch, first class all the way.



Since moving to Chicago, my husband and I have “mechanic shopped” to find not only the best mechanics, but the best prices, customer service, and customer accommodation. We have finally found it all and Main and Crawford. Avner and his crew are honest, accommodating to their customers, and highly proficient at performing all work that needs to be done on our cars. In addition, they are exceptionally patient in explaining the problem with your car, and will never let you leave the lot if their is any chance of danger. We have been taking our cars to Main and Crawford Auto Repair for 6 years, and will continue doing so. I highly recommend them.

Shirleys 18


If you are afraid about going to an auto repair shop or garage when your car breaks down, well have I news for you – this is going to be your new car doctor. The guy’s name is Avner, the owner, and he is really friendly and not aggressive at all.

He listened to my car troubles, and then together we inspected what I claimed was wrong. He gave me options, and allowed me to make the choices, not the other way around. He did not tell me what I had to do.

Well, talk about service. Not only did he tell me to leave my car, but he has a service that drove me home so that I would not be stuck waiting there while my car was fixed. To put the icing on the cake, after the car was done, he even drove the car to my house!!!

I think this business is outstanding and should be supported. That is why I took the time to write this review.

In a world where fairness and customer service have been forgotten, especially in the automobile repair industry, this place shines in my book as #1.

Check it out!!!

Lev M.


I have been a customer of Main & Crawford Auto Repair Shop for many years and I can truly say that this shop does not only do excellent repair work but goes out of their way to make customers happy and thankful that we have such a shop in our vicinity to go to.

There have been numerous occasions where they have come to my rescue. One case was when my car was caught in flood waters and they got me out of my car and drove me to work. Then they came back with a tow truck to get my car out of the flooded waters.

Another occasion was when my steering wheel lost power and as I was approaching the shop, the power went out and as I turned it stopped before hitting a pole. Avner was out there and pushed the car into the shop.

I am so fortunate in having a shop that is so trustworthy (considering the fact that I am a woman who knows nothing about cars) and does such great repair work.

I certainly hope this shop stays in business for a long long time.

Ann Salvador


My name is Cheryl Sperling, and I have been working with Avner and Maayan Avidov at Main & Crawford Auto Repair for almost three years. I am the Administrative Assistant and although my hours are part-time, I am in the shop almost every day. When you are in the office, one immediately senses the warm and receptive atmosphere that Avner and Maayan have worked so hard to establish.

Main & Crawford Auto Repair is a different type of auto repair business, one of which I have never encountered. Each and every client is treated as an individual with dignity, listened to, and respected. No car problem is trivialized. As such, no car problem is too great of a challenge. In addition, no customer is allowed to leave in a car that Avner does not feel is safe.

In the past three years, I have witnessed all customers and employees being treated with honesty and professionalism. It still amazes me to watch Avner’s interaction with clients! Especially the “senior” crowd, who are enamored by him, the work the shop does, and all services performed. No customer needs to worry about a ride to the shop, a ride home, missing an appointment, or even losing work time. Avner does his best to accommodate all of his customer’s schedules. In addition, no unnecessary repairs are performed. Most work is guaranteed 12 months or 12,000 miles, and manufacturers’ extended warranties are also honored.

It is truly a pleasure to work for people who care so much for others! This past summer, my pleasure was mixed with pride when the Village of Skokie honored Avner Avidov as Merchant of the Year 2006! My heart swelled watching him receive the plaque at the Village Hall, because it is indeed a title that is not only earned but also deserved.

Cheryl Sperling